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Everyone wants to fix their plumbing problems by themselves, but some issues are best for plumbing professionals. No one wants to be doing their best to fix a toilet, and then the next thing you know, their bathroom is filling up with water. Thankfully, we are saving you the trouble by giving you the top signs of when you should call a professional plumber. Remember that if your plumbing problems go untreated, it can cause significant problems in the home, leading to a more serious job that needs fixing.

⦁ There is No Water in Your Home

If you wake up one morning to brush your teeth and find that nothing is coming out of the sink, it is a sign that you should call a professional plumber. Make sure to check with your neighbors to see if they do not have water either. If they do not have water, it may be a bigger problem than just your home. It is essential to call a plumber because either your water was shut off for a significant reason or there is a leak somewhere in your home, causing you not to have water. The water could be leaking into other parts of your home, too.

⦁ There is No Hot Water in Your Home

It is not normal if the water for your shower takes a couple of hours to heat up. It is specifically crucial if this happens often and there never seems to be enough water. A professional plumber can help detect the problem. It could be an easy, quick fix or something significant. There is a possibility that you do not have the right size water heater, as well. A professional plumber can troubleshoot and fix all these problems, including your igniters, fuses, thermostats, heating elements, and pipes.

⦁ Your Water Heater is Sweating

If your water heater is sweating or makes a weeping noise, it is probably due to a leak. You may notice it when you need to check the pilot light, and the floor is damp with water. Small leaks in your water heater come from cracks in piping or casing and will lead to more significant problems. Make sure to call a plumber immediately. A problem that gets caught early can prevent major issues later. If you need a plumber in the Rockville, MD area, be sure to call 301-370-8320.

⦁ Low Water Pressure

If the water coming from your shower, bathtub, or sink is not running forcefully, it is time to call a professional plumber. He or she can look at the internal workings of your plumbing system. It could be a simple fix, like fixing an aerator. But if cleaning out the aerator does not do the trick, then it is a more significant problem that needs to be handled by a professional plumber. If you have low pressure, it is most likely from cracked or broken pipes that can cause leaking. If the problem persists, it can cause significant damage to your home.

Some things are not worth trying to fix yourself and can cause more headaches. Be sure to call a professional plumber in the Rockville, MD, area today by calling 301-370-8320.

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