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Your Water Heater

Have you ever stepped in the shower as you’re getting ready for work only to find out that the water is ice-cold? This is an unpleasant situation that many people experience when their water heater suddenly goes out on them.

If you want to make sure that your supply of warm water isn’t interrupted in the middle of the winter, then you need to look out for these signs that your water heater is failing.

Lack of Hot Water

Perhaps the most obvious sign that there’s an issue with your water heater is a lack of hot water. If you’re getting mostly lukewarm water and are struggling to get hot water, this is a clear sign that your water heater is not working as intended.

This may happen due to an electrical problem with your electric water heater. It could also be due to sediment buildup on the inside of your gas, propane, or electric water heater.

Weird Rumbling Noises

Water heater units start making popping or rumbling noises as they get older. Due to sediment buildup on the inside of the tank, water heaters become much less efficient as they age and may start to make noises when the buildup is too large.

In order to prevent this from happening, you should use water softeners and flush your tank at least once a year. However, getting a licensed professional to perform regular maintenance on your water heater is the best way to prevent it from failing sooner than it should.

Water Leaking From the Heating Tank

Water leaks are never a good sign. This is especially true for water tank heaters as it could be a sign of excessive sediment buildup on the inside or a faulty valve.

If you notice leaking coming from the tank itself or any of the pipes, you should contact a licensed plumber who can come take a look at your heater. The issue could be resolved with a simple valve replacement if it is addressed promptly.

Cloudy or Murky Water

If your water tank heater is delivering cloudy or murky water, then it is very likely that there is excessive sediment buildup inside the tank.

Take a close look at the water and notice if there is a metallic smell coming from it. If the water is not clear and it has a metallic scent, then you are likely dealing with excessive mineral buildup inside the tank.

Inconsistent Water Temperature

If you notice that the water temperature changes a lot while you shower, this might be a sign that the water heater is on its last legs.

If this sounds like something you deal with a lot, then you should have a licensed plumber come and inspect your water heater. If you’re lucky, the water temperature issue could be fixed by replacing the heater thermometer.

Otherwise, your licensed plumber can help you install a new water heater. Not only will this solve your water temperature issues, but you might save a lot of money with a more energy-efficient water heater.

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