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Backflow Testing & Repair in Montgomery County, MD

What is Backflow?

Do you live or work in the city? You most likely get your water from a city muncipal plant. While its pretty rate that this happens, drinking water can be contaminated by raw sewage when backflow happens. Backflow is defined as the unhappy reversal of the flow of water (or mixtures of water) from any source back into the distribution pipes of the water system. It occurs as a result of a “cross-connection” within the water system in circumstances where there is a possible or actual connection between a potable water system and any other source or system. Becuase of this, state and municipal plumbing codes commonly require the installation of backflow prevention devices in most commercial buildings, and some residential buildings. In order to make sure that your backflow device is working properly, Service Force Plumbing will provide backflow testing and repair to Gaithersburg/Rockville, MD properties. To make an appointment today, call us at 301-370-8320!

When Is Backflow Testing Needed?

Because of state and municipal plumbing codes a backflow prevention device in most commercial buildings, and some residential buildings, it’s important that it gets backflow testing every year or three years depending on the assembly. The purpose of this type of testing is to make sure that your drinking water does not come into contact with raw sewage, chemicals, and other contaminants. Just like any other plumbing system, a backflow prevention device can become damaged due to wear and tear. If it’s been a long time since you’ve had backflow testing in Gaithersburg/Rockville, MD, contact our plumbers to have the backflow prevention device looked at.


Call Us for Backflow Testing or Repair Service

A backflow prevention device ranges from simple to extremely complex. These units are a series of check valves that prevent used water from flowing backward into the clean water supply during times of unequal water pressure or other unique pressure conditions or fluctuations. When a backflow prevention device is installed properly, it can keep the clean water supply safe. However, if you experiencing issues with foul odors or backups in your drains, call our plumbers at 301-370-8320 for backflow repair. We can perform backflow testing for your Gaithersburg/Rockville, MD home or business and see if repairs are needed..

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