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Causes of Low Water Pressure and How to Fix Them
Low water pressure usually happens when you’re trying to take a shower or wash dishes—the most inconvenient times! You might think that low water pressure is just a common thing that you have to deal with, but it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, there are several common causes of low pressure in your home and ways to fix them yourself.

However, before diving into any plumbing project, it’s best if you seek out professional help from a reputable plumber like the ones at Service Force Plumbing, who can diagnose your specific problem (and offer advice on how best to proceed). So let’s take a look at some common causes of low water pressure and potential ways they can be fixed:

Water supply line issues

Water supply line issues are fairly common, and they can cause low water pressure. When a contractor installs a new home, they should ensure that the lines are properly sized and installed before putting them into service. If you believe there is an issue with your water supply line or suspect that it is causing problems with your faucets and fixtures, contact a professional plumber to inspect it. A plumber may find that one or more of the following are contributing to your low water pressure:

  •  Corrosion in pipes or valves
  •  Clogged screens on backflow preventers
  •  Clogs in house lines due to sediment buildup from hard water deposits

High Water Demands

You might be asking, “What is a high water demand?” Well, it’s pretty much just the technical term for when you use more water than your system can provide. When you have a high water demand, it can be really frustrating to realize that your shower or sink isn’t producing enough pressure. This may even hurt your plumbing and pipes and this is why the best way to fix it is to call an experienced plumber.

These are only a few potential causes of low water pressure in your home. The most effective way to find out and fix the cause(s) is to call for professional plumbing services.
If you have low water pressure in your home, it’s good to know that there are many potential causes of this problem. Some of the most common ones include:

  •  Clogged pipes
  •  Leaky faucets or appliances
  •  Old age of the pipes in your home; they may be too small for modern needs and usage patterns (more showers, etc.)
  •  A faulty valve or regulator on the main water supply line to your house.

If you ever notice a decrease in water pressure, it is important that you call for professional plumbing services as soon as possible. Not only will they be able to diagnose and fix the problem, but they can also prevent further issues down the road.

Need a Plumber for Your Home? Then You Need to Call The Trusted Emergency Plumbers at Service Force Plumbing

There are many instances when you might need to call a plumber. There are many scenarios where you might even need an emergency plumber including no running water; sewage lines backing up through drains and toilets; rotten-egg smell coming from underneath sinks or tubs; clogs in toilets that won’t flush away easily with a plunger or toilet brush alone, and many more. If you have any concerns about your pipes or other plumbing systems, don’t hesitate to call the emergency plumbers at Service Force Plumbing. We will be happy to assist you 24/7.

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