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Whether you need a leaky pipe fixed or your toilet repaired, you want to make sure the job is done right. You’ll want plumbing professionals with years of experience to ensure quality repairs. Anytime you need a Plumber Frederick, MD, you can count on the experienced team at Service Force Plumbing to make fast, effective repairs. We are a full-service plumbing company with more than 20 years of experience. Our professionals are highly skilled, talented, and reliable, and we provide a complete range of plumbing solutions. Find out more about us or book a service appointment by calling 301-370-8320.

Our Service Offerings in Frederick, MD

Since 2000, Service Force Plumbing has served as a leading plumber in Frederick, MD, and surrounding communities. We’ve built our reputation by always providing quality workmanship, and by offering a wide array of quality Plumber Services Frederick, MD. Fully licensed and certified, our team provides a comprehensive range of Plumbing Services Frederick, MD that includes everything from repairing toilets to fully repiping your house. Moreover, we offer a complete selection of sewer line repairs including camera inspection services as well as trenchless line repair. If your water heater isn’t heating correctly or it’s aging and needs to be replaced, we work with both gas and electric water heaters from leading manufacturers. Customer satisfaction is always our goal, so no matter what service we provide for you, you can always expect exceptional service from our team. Among the extensive services that we provide include:

Backflow Testing & Repair

If you are having problems with backflow, give our team a call for testing and repair.

Emergency Plumbing Repairs

We are available 24/7 for emergency plumbing repairs.

Main Line Plumbing Repair

Give our team a call when your main water line needs repairs.

Water Pressure Booster

If your water pressure is low we can install a water pressure booster.

Burst/Frozen Pipe Repair

When your pipes freeze and burst, we’re the team to call for fast, effective repairs.

Hose Bib Repair and Replacement

Call us today to get hose bibs repaired or replaced.

Plumbing Leak Repair

We can find and repair any type of leak.

Whole House Repiping

We can repipe your whole house.

Busted, Rusted & Broken Pipe Repair

If your pipes are busted, rusted, or broken, we’re the team to call for repairs

Kitchen & Bathroom Repairs

For any kitchen or bathroom repairs, call our experienced team.

Plumbing Pumps

We service all types of plumbing pumps
Gas Lines

Our plumbing technicians are also qualified gas line plumbers. If you need a new line added for an appliance or have a leak in your system, we can help you. While we primarily work with natural gas, we can also hook up propane systems. Along with installation and replacement, we provide repair services, including gas leak repair. Never hesitate to call our professionals when you have a gas leak, and never try to repair the leak yourself. Gas leaks can be extremely dangerous and always constitute an emergency. If you’re smelling gas, you need to get out of your home as soon as possible before calling in professionals. Staying safe is always a priority when working with gas.

Gas Leak Detection

Call us today if you think you have a gas leak.

Gas Line Installation

Ours is the team to call for gas line installation.

Gas Line Pressure Testing

Give us a call to test your gas line pressure.
Sewer Lines

Anytime you need a plumber in Frederick, MD, for sewer line repair, our team ensures the repairs are made effectively. We use state-of-the-art technology like sewer line cameras that help us find blockages and other problems in your sewer lines. If you have a blockage or other issue causing a backup into your home, you want to get the sewage cleaned up as soon as possible so repairs can be made. Steer clear of any area affected by the back up, and especially keep children and pets away from the area. Sewer line repairs always require a professional, as most lines are underground or run under the house, and these repairs often require excavation. However, one of our specialties is trenchless sewer line repair. With this service, no large trenches need to be dug through your yard in order to make the repair. Instead, all that’s needed are access points to sewer lines. Minimal digging is required. This will save you money in the long run since you don’t have to repair landscaping afterward.

Sewer Camera Inspections

We can inspect your sewer line for blockages using sewer cameras.

Sewer Line Cleaning & Replacement

Give us a call to get your sewer line cleaned or replaced.

Sewer Line Repair

Ours is the team to call for expert sewer line repair.
Water Heaters

When you have no or little hot water, it could indicate several different issues for your water heater. You might have a leak or hard water has caused minerals to build up in your tank. When one of our experts comes out to inspect it, they will know the best course of action to take, whether it’s just in need of a repair or whether it’s time for a replacement. If you’re having problems meeting the hot water demand in your household, you might want to consider a tankless system or other energy efficient systems like a high recovery water heater. Whether it’s gas, electric, tank or tankless, our team can help you with any kind of water heater. We service Hot Water Heaters Frederick-MD from all leading manufacturers.

Electric Water Heater Replacement & Installation

We can install your new electric water heater.

Propane & Gas Water Heater Replacement and Installation

Give our team a call for all your gas water heater needs.

Water Heater Installation and Replacement

Our experts can install any type of water heater.

Heat Pump Water Heaters

Call our team today to install a heat pump water heater.

Tankless Water Heater Installation

Get unlimited hot water with a tankless water heater.

High Recovery Water Heaters

To get hot water faster, consider a high recovery water heater.

Water Heater Inspection & Testing

Make sure your water heater is performing at its peak with testing and inspection.
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Whenever you need an experienced Plumber Frederick, MD, you can always rely on the team at Service Force Plumbing. Fully licensed and insured, we’ve been serving the area for more than 20 years and provide an extensive range of plumbing solutions. Whether you need a leak repaired or a sewer line blockage cleared or a water heater replaced, we’ll have a team ready for you. To find out more about us or to book a service appointment, all you need to do is call us at 301-370-8320.

Plumber Services Frederick, MD

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