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Get Familiar With What’s Involved With Gas Leak

A gas leak is something that can be small or large, yet the risks involved can be fatal in certain cases. Therefore, when there is a gas leak it’s important to know what to do or what to expect in case of a gas leak by becoming familiar with the signs of detection. Gas leaking will instigate a call to action on yourself, occupants of a building, and emergency response authority figures. In order to protect the health and safety of those around you make sure that you are aware of the details surrounding a gas leak. Here are a few things to consider regarding a gas leak that may prove useful to you.
Does a plumber fix a gas leak?

A gas leak will typically involve your gas company being contacted to shut off the line to stop further leakage and then contacting a licensed plumber to fix the gas pipeline should any damages be present. 

Can a gas leak in your house kill you?

A gas leak can be dangerous in high concentrations as it can lead to asphyxia which will cause chest pain and fatigue. Asphyxia is what happens when your body is deprived of oxygen when there is more carbon monoxide in the air.

Can you smell natural gas?

If a gas leak occurs you may be able to smell rotten eggs. Since natural gas is odorless a harmless sulfur-based mercaptan is added to give off that smell.

What are the signs of a gas leak in your home?
  • the smell of sulfur or rotten eggs
  • a hissing or whistling sound near a gas line
  • a white cloud or dust cloud near a gas line
  • blowing dirt or floating vegetation near a gas line
  • bubbles in standing water
  • a damaged gas pipe
  • dead houseplants
What do you do if you smell gas?

If you smell a gas leak it’s important to leave the building, home, or area and not use any electronics (including your cell phone) or electricity (like turning off lights) as high concentrations of the gas can have a fire spark from anything. Leak doors open as you exit the home or building to allow for better ventilation yet don’t take away from the time of exiting the property by making an effort to open windows. After being a safe distance away call 911 to notify police and fire officials. Warn others to stay away from the area. Contact your local gas company to shut off the gas line and let them know where you can be reached.

Do I need a gas detector at home?

A gas leak detector like a carbon monoxide detector may be required depending on the state that you reside in. (Alongside this, smoke detectors are typically required also.) Natural gas detectors are often overlooked in residential housing yet this device will differ as it will detect more forms of gas.

Is there a device to detect gas leaks?

There are several kinds of gas leak detectors available in the market today that can detect even a small amount of gas. Certain gas leak detectors have a built-in microprocessor that can detect natural gas, butane, liquid propane, and methane gases. The amount of gas detected can be gauged with light indicators or meters. Additionally, alarm sounds can be triggered upon detection to alert the owner of the property. Gas leak detectors typically monitor particles in the air in PPM (parts per million.)

Will a gas leak set off a carbon monoxide detector?

A carbon monoxide detector will only be able to detect a carbon monoxide leak and nothing else such as a natural gas leak.

What is the best gas leak detector?

The best type of gas leak detector is one that can detect multiple forms of gas.

Where do you put a gas leak detector?

A gas leak detector may be placed near the floor for gases or vapors three to four times heavier than air. They can be installed near the ceiling or roof for detection of lighter than air gases.

Get Help From a Professional Plumber For Gas Leak Detection Services

If you require assistance with gas leak detection contact your local plumbing company for assistance. A gas leak can be very dangerous and should only be traced with a professional who is trained to handle and be near gas lines. It is recommended to install a gas leak detection device in order to reduce the risks of not being aware of a gas leak. Make sure to do your research and contact a professional for their guidance if you have any questions. Remember to vacate the area before contacting anyone if you believe there is a gas leak present in your home or business. Stay safe and be aware of the signs of gas leaks.

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