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Bathtub installation details

When wanting a complete home or apartment bathroom, one the necessities is a bathtub. As a way to get clean while relaxing, bathtub installation does not have to be a difficult endeavor when you want it done in your home or in a piece of property connected to you. Not only can one be designed for the elderly in the form of a walk in tub, but it can also be meant to remain in for longer periods in the form of a soak tub or can provide hydrotherapy as do whirlpool tubs. The possibilities depend on what you want it used for, whether you want simply a standered tub or a specialized one like those mentioned. There are things to consider before taking on bathtub installation, such as:

  • Appearance: How do you want your tub to look, whether it will complement your bathroom or take on the appearance suited to its purpose
  • Design: Will it be lifted or built into your walls, will it be a bathtub and shower or stand alone
  • Purpose: Like those mentioned above, will it offer hydrotherapy, be designed for the elderly, or just a place to relax. Maybe all three?

For those wishing to do it themselves, there is an issue that Service Force Plumbing can easily solve when contracted to do the job. All persons working on or installing a bathtub or shower must have permits to do the job. That goes especially for when the person is dealing with the sub level and interior of the walls when working with piping. We can help you, by calling 301-370-8320 we can get that bathtub installed, repaired, or replaced today.

How much does it cost to install a bathtub?

Bathtub installation cost depends on a variety of factors. While a general stand alone bathtub is generally cheap, a specialized bathtub can go for a fair price when done by professionals. It largely depends on the materials you want used for your bathtub, the surface it is being built on or into, the purpose it will serve when completed, and how the piping can be changed to make it function. It can also depend on the positioning of your tub in the room it is placed, a good plumber like those that work at Service Force Plumbing will suggest the best place a tub installation can be started and completed. The plumber would also inform you on which materials would do you better for the intended purpose of your tub. All that said, a plumber would give you a quote before committing to bathtub installation, also informing you on what is possible and giving suggestions when something would not be advised.

What is better porcelain or acrylic tub?

While both are popular, there are more options in bathtub installation than just porcelain and acrylic. Both last around fifteen years and have their advantages and drawbacks. Acrylic for example retains heat slightly better than porcelain, but acrylic is not as tough as porcelain and must be cleaned more often. While the mentioned plastic suggestions for bathtub installation are indeed the most flexible and popular, there are also other options on the basis of material. Enameled steel and cast iron tubs stand as superior options in terms of resistance and will last a longer time than just plastic alternatives. Cast iron tubs like enameled steel tubs last fifteen to twenty years for a reference on longer lasting fact. 

As mentioned there is the question of what purpose you want for your bathtub as well. Bathtubs for that matter can have a multitude of installations added to them to better serve you better in your own home or apartment. Installing bathtub grab bars would help assist those in a normal or walk in bathtub by helping be a way to support those that use it. A bathtub diverter installation also connects your bathtub to your shower faucet, for when a shower needs to be accessed it can be made easy rather than at an elevated level. Insulating your bathtub also proves to retain heat longer in a bathtub installation rather than without. There are a multitude more options you could explore in terms of the perfect bathtub that fits your specific taste and purpose. Each adds something to the experience that helps you relax or support you when making use of the tub. Regardless if you prefer it ice cold or steaming hot. 

Bathtub installation on a concrete floor?

A bathtub installation is absolutely possible on a concrete surface, regardless of how you want it to look. Whether you want a bathtub installation to culminate in a fancy high class tub or a simple modern looking tub, both can easily be a reality for you, especially when contracting Service Force Plumbing for the job. For a summary of the process, our plumbers would find where the piping would connect, level out a location for the tub, and then our plumbers would begin the process of placing the tub and supporting it before finishing the process. While that is a highly shortened version of the process we could undertake for you, the choice of a bathtub for your home or apartment needs only be hard when deciding the appearance. Call 301-370-8320 today to make an appointment and start the process in your bathtub installation today.

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