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Underground Yard Line Leak Repair

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We Find Hidden Leaks and Repair Them

If you’ve noticed that your water bill is unusually high or that there are pools of water on your property, then you most likely have a water line leak in your yard. These can be tricky for homeowners to figure out as leaks in the yard indicate that something is wrong with the pipe underground. If you think you need underground or yard water line leak repair in Rockville, MD, please dial 301-370-8320 for the plumbing contractors at Service Force Plumbing.

Possible Culprits for Underground Water Leaks

Your yard contains an array of pipes. One of these pipes is your main sewer line. All of the drains in your home (ranging from sinks to toilets and the washer from your laundry unit) drain into your main sewer line. This line exits into your septic tank or the municipal sewer system. That line is responsible for disposing of your wastewater and is referred to as the sewer line.

Another possible underground water leak is your water box. Your water box is also known as the valve box, and this important connection facilitates the water shut off valve to your house. If there is water in this box, even though there has not been any rain recently, you might have a leak. Whatever type of leak you might have, we are able to fix it with our yard water line leak repair in Rockville, MD.

Call Us for Yard Water Line Leak Repair!

If the problem isn’t with your main sewer line, there might be a leak associated with your irrigation system. Although water travels the path of least resistance, if the soggy spot in your yard is nowhere near your main water line, there’s a shot it’s a problem to do with your irrigation system. Consult with our local, trusted plumbers to locate the source of your leak, so you can minimize the damage. To make an appointment for yard water line leak repair in Rockville, MD, please contact us at 301-370-8320If you are having an emergency situation regarding your water lines, we offer emergency plumbing repairs.

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