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How often should you repipe a house?

Plumbing problems like leaks can occur at any time. Most of the time, the leak can be repaired and everything goes back to normal. But, if you have an older home and leaks and other problems like rusty water are occurring with great frequency, you may want to consider repiping the house. Here are some of the main reasons you want to repipe your house:
  • You have a home more than 50 years old that still has galvanized steel pipes.
  • Rust and mineral buildup causes frequent problems with low water pressure.
  • Rust from old pipes begins to turn your water red or brown or give it a rusty taste.
  • You are experiencing frequent problems with pipe leaks.

Anytime you are having serious problems with older pipes in your home, you might want to consider getting your home repiped. For affordable and reliable whole house repiping in Rockville, MD, look to the team at Service Force Plumbing. We are a licensed full-service plumbing contractor specializing in repiping. You can schedule a service appointment with us by calling 301-370-8320.

Why repipe a house

There are many reasons why you might want to repipe your house. Older homes may have galvanized steel pipes that are rusting and corroded and causing frequent leaks. You may have problems with rust in your water or low water pressure because of mineral build-up, you may want to repipe your home. Another problem is water with low pH, which causes the water to be highly acidic. If you have steel or copper pipes and highly acidic water, your pipes will corrode much faster. Replacing them is a better option.

If you’re living in a home that’s had a lot of plumbing work over the years, it’s likely your plumbing is a patchwork of fittings, connections, and even different types of piping that will continue to cause you problems like leaks and clogs. Replacing the pipes will reduce many of those problems and probably improve things like water pressure as well.

What does a repipe include

If you are considering a repipe, the big question on your mind might be: How do you repipe a house? A whole house repiping is a big job and will usually cause some disruption in household activities because your water will need to be shut off frequently and old pipes will have to be excavated so the new pipes can be installed. Professionals like those at Service Force Plumbing work quickly to do their best to keep disruptions at a minimum. They have the equipment and training to detect the location of your pipes and choose the right materials like PVC or PEX piping that will best serve you and your household. Once they get the new pipes in place, the plumbers get everything back in order by restoring and resurfacing the spaces affected.

Can I repipe my own house

While it’s entirely possible to repipe your own house, it’s not recommended, even if you have some experience with basic plumbing repair. Repiping is a big job, and requires the right equipment, skills, and manpower to get the job done right. In some municipalities, moreover, you might not be able to obtain the permits you need for repiping unless you are a licensed plumbing professional.

Should I repipe my house with PEX?

PEX piping, which is basically flexible plastic tubing, has become a popular option for whole house repiping. As with any other material, PEX has it’s advantages and drawbacks. Because it’s flexible, it’s easy to install. It’s also one of the least expensive types of plumbing pipes, especially compared to copper pipes, and it won’t corrode or freeze. But, PEX, if used for outside piping can be susceptible to damage from sunlight. If it is used for outside piping, ask your plumber what will be used to protect the pipe. There are also studies suggesting PEX affects water quality, but little is definitively known.

Does repiping a house add value?

If you are thinking about repiping your house before selling it, this can be a good idea, especially with an older home with galvanized steel pipes. A home repipe might not necessarily add value, but it will often get it up to market value. In fact, if the home needs to be repiped, it’s value will be lowered because buyers don’t want the inconvenience of having to do it themselves. Check with your real estate agent to see how a repipe might add value to your home.

Does insurance cover repiping?

Although repiping can fix many problems like leaks that could damage your plumbing and your home, you will probably have to shoulder the expense on your own. Homeowner’s insurance rarely covers the cost of repiping. On the other hand, your insurance will probably cover water damage caused by a burst pipe, if that burst pipe occurred suddenly. If the pipe bursts because of lack or maintenance or because it was old, rusted, or corroded, insurance might not cover the damage. Updating with a repipe might be a good idea just for this reason.

Repipe specialists near me

Do you have old, outdated pipes causing you to spend more on repairs than they are worth? Whole house repiping may be the right thing for you. If you are looking for a repipe specialist in Rockville, MD, the professionals at Service Force Plumbing can help you. Find out what we can do for you by calling 301-370-8320.

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