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No matter how well you care for your home, plumbing problems can and will occur. When you need a skilled, professional plumber in the Potomac area, turn to our experts at Service Force Plumbing.

We are one of the leading plumbing companies in Montgomery County, and we offer everything from drain and sewer cleaning to pipe replacement, leak detection, and slab leak repair.

Our company has been in business since 2000, and customer satisfaction is our top priority. We feature free estimates for plumbing repairs, fully stocked vehicles for fast repairs, and same-day service throughout the Potomac area.

Do you have a clogged drain, burst pipe, or damaged fixture?

Call our expert plumbers today at 301-370-8320 or contact us online for plumbing repair services in the Potomac area.


Plumbing Services You Can Count On

It doesn’t take long for plumbing problems to cause extensive, costly damage to your home. For fast help with your most critical plumbing needs, call our professional plumbing contractors at Service Force Plumbing. We’re here to help with all your home plumbing needs, and we have an emergency plumber available for after-hours repairs.

Our plumbing services in the Potomac area include:

Backflow Testing & Repair

Homeowners who need testing or repairs for their backflow device can call us!

Emergency Plumbing Repairs

From sewage backups to plumbing leaks, call us when you have a plumbing emergency.

Main Line Plumbing Repair

If there is an issue with your main sewer line, call us and we can inspect and repair it.

Types of Plumbing Pumps

Our plumbing professionals can repair, replace, and install a wide range of plumbing pumps.

Burst/Frozen Pipe Repair

If your pipes have burst due to water freezing in them, you can rely on us for repairs.

Hose Bib Repair and Replacement

Our plumbers can repair or replace corroded or leaking hose bibs.

Main Water Line Repairs

Contact Service Force Plumbing when you need main water line repairs.

Water Pressure Booster

If you ever experience low water pressure in your home, contact us to install a water pressure booster.

Busted, Rusted & Broken Pipe Repair

Need pipe repair? We can repair busted, rusted, and broken plumbing pipes.

Kitchen & Bathroom Repairs

We repair bathroom and kitchen fixtures, appliances, and more!

Plumbing Leak Repair

Whether it’s a leak in your toilet or a leak in a pipe, we can offer professional plumbing leak repairs.

Whole-House Repiping

Do you need whole-house repiping? We are more than happy to take on this type of project.

Gas Line Services for Your Home

Natural gas is a convenient and efficient energy source for stoves, water heaters, furnaces, boilers, and more, but installing or repairing gas lines can be dangerous if the proper precautions are not taken. If you suspect a gas leak due to a rotten-egg odor, appliances that run poorly, or increased gas bills, call our team at Service Force Plumbing.

We have the skill and experience to install and repair gas lines while keeping your home and family safe. We offer a full line of gas plumbing services to address all your gas line concerns.

Call 301-370-8320 or contact us online to schedule gas plumbing services today.

Gas Leak Detection

If you suspect a leak call our experts to pinpoint the source and repair the problem.

Gas Line Installation

When you need a new gas line for your Potomac home, call our team at Service Force Plumbing.

Gas Line Replacement

Get rid of your old, leaking, or corroded gas lines with our gas line replacement services.

Gas Line Repair

Seal faulty gas lines and fittings or replace gas valves with our gas line repair services.

Gas Line Pressure Testing

Find gas leaks quickly in new or existing gas lines with our pressure testing services.

Reliable Sewer Services

Buried several feet underground, your sewer line carries all the wastewater from your home to the municipal sewer system. Its location makes it especially prone to damage from settling soil, foundation movement, tree roots, and excessive loads. For expert sewer cleaning and repairs, call our team at Service Force Plumbing when you notice signs of sewer problems, such as sewage smells, wastewater backups, gurgling from the drains, or seepage near the foundation.

Call 301-370-8320 today or contact us online to schedule sewer services in the Potomac area.

We offer:


Sewer Camera Inspections

Our pipe cameras can examine the interior of sewer lines for clogs, cracks, roots, or pipe bellies.

Sewer Cleaning

Our experts can get rid of tree roots and waste accumulations with methods like power auguring or hydro-jetting.

Sewer Repair & Replacement

When you have cracks, collapsed pipes, or other damage, our team can repair or replace the pipe, depending on the severity.

Trenchless Sewer Replacement & Repair

Avoid harmful excavations and replace your sewer line faster with our trenchless sewer repair and replacement options.

Water Heater Services: Repair, Installation, and Replacement

Your water heater is invaluable for everyday tasks like washing the dishes or doing laundry, so if it stops working, it can bring your household to a halt. Call our team at Service Force Plumbing at the first sign of water heater problems, such as cool or lukewarm water, reduced hot water capacity, water that is too hot or too cold, or visible leaks from the water heater or tank. We service tank and tankless water heaters powered by natural gas, propane, or electricity.

Call 301-370-8320 or contact us online to schedule a water heater installation or water heater service in the Potomac area today.

We offer:


Water Installation & Replacement

We offer standard and tankless water heater installation, as well as water heater replacement, and our experts can recommend the best model for your needs.

Water Heater Repair

When your water heater breaks down, call our team for fast, professional water heater repairs.

Water Heater Maintenance

Keep your water heater efficient and operating properly with our standard or tankless water heater maintenance services.

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​Make sure your plumbing repairs are done right the first time. Choose our licensed, professional plumbers from Service Force Plumbing for all your home plumbing needs. We are skilled, experienced, ready to help, and customer satisfaction is our top priority.

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Plumbing Services in Potomac

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