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Toilet Repair & Installation in Montgomery County, MD

Unclogging A Toilet
Make your toilet flush like it was brand new!

Is that foul odor from the toilet becoming a menace at your premises? Does your toilet keep running or does not flush completely. Contact the specialists at Service Force Plumbing to get all kinds of Toilet Repair and Installation services in Gaithersburg/Rockville, MD.

Our expert and licensed professionals effectively complete the task at hand in less time & at affordable rates. Could there be a better deal?

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Our Expertise:

Broken parts
These include a faulty or ruptured inlet or outlet valve, flush handle, toilet tank, etc. Say the toilet tank is broken. The water it holds is leaking all across the floor & getting stagnated, which is an invitation to many issues.
Merely staying in the house becomes a task to accomplish. Our experts see the extent of damage and accordingly repair or replace the tank.

Cracks in the porcelain
Though porcelain is made of clay and other sturdy materials, it can assume cracks if something heavy falls on it or if something is thrown at it with force. Besides, with time, it can also experience chipping.

Our plumbers will tell you why this has happened: if those items that cannot be flushed have been forcefully flushed, a lot of toilet paper has been used, the vent is blocked, an older model low-flow toilet has been installed, or if the trap or the sewer line is clogged. And then he will do the needful.

Toilet flushing
Maybe the flush handle is wobbly or just doesn’t work. Or the lift chain is not properly attached to the flapper or the lift arm. It could even be that the handle isn’t properly attached. Whatever be the case, you know whom to contact when you’re stuck in a rut.

Continually running water
Usually, there is a defect in one of the three; the float, the flapper, or the refill tube. Also, besides the water getting wasted, the bathroom floor may dampen. If this is not addressed immediately, the floor may break due to moisture and dismantle the whole structure. Need we say more?

Water pooling around the base
Our experts inspect if the wax seal is broken or if there is a faulty shutoff valve or supply tube, a sweaty bowl, or a cracked tank. With their specialized tools & expertise, they will do just what is required to set it all straight.

New toilet installation
Get a high-efficiency or low-flow toilet installed while you’re getting your house constructed or renovated. We install various kinds of toilets across premium brands.

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We do offer free estimates and our trucks are fully-loaded with most parts pertaining to toilet repair and installation. When you count on us, be assured your satisfaction is very important to us.

Also, in case you’re wondering, we offer emergency services available at your beck and call. Count on the Service Force Plumbing for all your plumbing needs!

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