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If you have had a burst pipe in your home or property, it is unlikely you will ever forget the experience. Burst pipes need to be immediately shut off at the source in order to mitigate further water damage. A burst pipe can occur due to a variety of factors, including rats, tree roots, corrosion, or a collapsed pipe. When a pipe ruptures, it bursts water forth to the surrounding surfaces and areas.
What Happens When Pipes Burst?

When pipes burst, you can expect a variety of catastrophic results. The primary one is of an excess spray of water around the surrounding areas. You will see evidence of your burst water pipe in your high water bills. You will also see it in the water damage that occurs to your home or property.

How Do You Know If Your Pipes Burst?

There are a number of things that you should be aware of when it comes to understanding whether or not your pipes have burst. While it is sometimes easy to diagnose a fast-leaking burst pipe, the signs and symptoms for a slowly leaking burst pipe can be more difficult to determine. For instance, if your water pressure goes up and down in addition to not looking right, you may have a slow pipe leak. Another thing to look out for is if your water smells like rotten eggs and if your pipes are making noises. Another thing to look out for? If your water bill is too high. Red flags include these signs and symptoms such as if puddles keep forming under sinks. In such instances, your plumber can become your best friend. There are so many components to be aware of in a kitchen. If you require walk-in cooler repair for your commercial property, please be sure to consult a licensed and insured plumber.

How do You Fix a Burst Pipe?

Burst pipe repair is an important and necessary service whenever you have a burst pipe on your property. If you would like to take on your burst pipe repair, you will need some tools and materials to start the process. These materials include a mini copper-pipe cutter, steel wool, lead-free solder, soldering paste, a torch kit (which includes a torch and striker). You will also need a good ½ inch copper pipe, a stop and waste valve, and ½ inch copper fittings. The steps are extensive. However, the first step is the most important: shut off the main valve where water comes into the house. The lowest fixture in the house can be used to drain the water. A pipe cutter can be used to remove the desired section of the pipe. A section of copper pipe should be cut to fit the specified section. The steel wool can next be used to clean both the pipe and inside the stop and waste valve.

Next, spread soldering flux on the outside of the pipe end and inside the valve fitting. After that has been done, you can slide the valve fitting on the end of the pipe. With safety goggles in place, you can use a propane torch to heat the fitting and the pipe where they connect. At this point, you can push about two inches of solder into the joint where the valve connects to the pipe. As always, it is important to utilize safety precautions. You should always contact a reputable plumber to oversee any important plumbing process.

Is a Burst Water Pipe Covered by Insurance?

This can be a tricky question and deserves to be answered in-depth. Homeowners insurance can help cover damage caused by leaking plumbing if the leak is sudden and accidental. However, if the source of the problem stems from a lack of maintenance, homeowners’ insurance will not provide the necessary assistance.

Can a Toilet Pipe Burst

If there is a significant increase in water pressure, it can lead to a burst pipe or a failed plumbing fixture. This includes all the plumbing fixtures in your bathroom, such as your sink or toilet. When the water pressure to your home increases, the pipes in your home cannot contain the excess water. This can cause a rupture.

Why Do Pipes Burst

There are a number of reasons why pipes burst. Please read through the following reasons why pipes burst to learn more.

  • Poorly insulated pipes. Exposed pipes are prone to freezing, even in climates that are naturally warm. That’s why it’s important to insulate them with pipe sleeves.
  • Increased water pressure. When too much water pressure is introduced into a plumbing system, the increased water pressure can cause a pipe to burst where there may be some vulnerabilities.
  • Rats or rodents. There are times when rats or rodents chew on pipes. This means that if a PVC pipe is exposed to rodents, and they chew on it, you can have a burst pipe on your hands.
How to Fix Burst Pipe in Wall

If you have a burst pipe in your wall, you will need to address it procedurally. The first thing you will need to do is cut out sections of the damaged drywall with a saw. Next, you will need to wrap a sheet around the pipe. Place a container beneath the broken pipe. Cut the pipe below the leak. Dry the pipe. Then cut above the leak with a pipe cutter and clean the pipe. Then you can mount a copper repair sleeve. As usual, you will need to consult with a licensed and insured plumber to ensure that all procedures are up to code.

How Long to Fix Burst Pipe

Depending on the severity of the pipe situation, the amount of time that it takes to fix a pipe can vary between two to three hours. Some pipe bursts take longer.

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