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What is a sewer camera?

When plumbers are called out to repair sewer lines, these days, instead of digging up lines in hopes to find the problem, they use a sewer camera. These are specially made waterproof cameras attached to flexible rods that are snaked through pipes that are otherwise difficult to reach. During a sewer camera inspection, plumbers snake the camera through the line to look for cracks, clogs, corrosion, leaks, root intrusion, and any other problems. The camera sends real-time video to a high-definition monitor that the plumber watches live and records for future reference. The cameras also have radio transmitters that record depth and location of defects.

Inspections are useful anytime you have a sewer line problem such as a backup or clog. Realtors and prospective home buyers also use them in home inspection to check the condition of sewer and main water lines. If you are in need of a sewer camera inspection in Rockville, MD, look to the professionals at Service Force Plumbing. You can connect with us by calling 301-370-8320 to schedule a service appointment.

How often should you check your plumbing?

Regular plumbing inspections and maintenance will ensure the health of your plumbing. With an inspection, you can learn if your plumbing is functioning properly and plumbers can identify any potential problems. This can save you money in the long term, as it prevents small problems from becoming large ones that might cost you much more money to repair. Most plumbing professionals recommend that you have your plumbing inspected every two years. A sewer camera inspection should be included.

What can I expect from a plumbing inspection?

When you have your plumbing inspected, whether as part of regular maintenance or when buying or selling a property, a thorough inspection will include:

  • An inspection of water filtration systems
  • An examination of fixtures, drains, and supply lines
  • An examination of above-ground and exposed plumbing such as shut-off valves and trap under all sinks
  • An inspection of sinks, toilets, showers and baths
  • A check of draining and venting systems
  • A check water heater tanks or tankless water heater
  • A sewer camera inspection of drains, underground pipes, and sewer lines
  • An inspection of sump pumps
What are the most common plumbing problems?

When plumbers go out on service calls, they often encounter these common problems:

  • Faucets dripping
  • Sinks draining slowly
  • Shower or bath clogs
  • Toilet clogged
  • Toilet continually running
  • Water heater malfunctioning
  • Water pressure low
  • Garbage disposal jammed
  • Pipes leaking
  • Backed-up sewer system
How do you tell if my sewer line is collapsed?

While you hope never to have a collapsed sewer line, they are fairly obvious to discern. Collapses usually occur because of clogs deep down in the sewer lines. These clogs get so bad they’ll begin to cause frequent backups in your showers, sinks, toilets, and tubs. Frequent backups are sure signs of a line collapse. You might notice issues like your tub draining slowly while at the same time hear your toilet bubbling or all your fixtures will drain slowly. You won’t be able to plunge the drain to clear it. Along with drainage issues, you’ll probably begin to smell the odor of sewage because waste material is not draining through the pipes.

Your yard might also show signs of a sewer line collapse. You might find there are areas of your yard where the grass grows faster or is greener that normal. You might also notice your yard stays soggy even when it is dry outside. And, of course, you might end up smelling sewage. When you see these problems your lines are probably collapsed and have begun to leak. Whenever any of these signs are noticed, a plumber will have to come out, provide a sewer camera inspection, and find out where the damaged line is located so repairs can be made.

Sewer inspection camera and locator

When a sewer camera inspection is performed, the camera can find damage in the pipe or spot where tree roots have intruded—a common problem—but the camera alone normally can’t detect leaks by itself. Cameras usually have locators that use sound to transmit the depth and location of a leak. Plumbers also use separate location devices to find pipes that are underground, under the house, or behind walls.

Sewer camera inspection rental

There are rental businesses that rent sewer cameras and other expensive plumbing equipment. This equipment is typically rented out to professionals rather than individuals wanting to do a DIY inspection. Trained professionals will know what they are looking at and looking for when it comes to inspecting sewer pipes and other plumbing lines with a camera. Homeowners can rent or buy inexpensive cameras but these often only allow you to go down a few feet into pipes and won’t have the capabilities of the cameras that most professionals use.

Municipal sewer camera inspection services

Some municipalities might offer sewer inspections to homeowners, depending on where the problem is in the sewer line. If the problem is especially close to where a private line connects with the main line, they may even provide repairs. But most inspections and repairs on private property are handled by the homeowner.

Sewer camera inspection near me

If you are having trouble with sewer line backups and need a plumbing professional for sewer camera inspection, reach out to the experienced experts at Service Force Plumbing. We have the equipment and expertise to properly diagnose what’s wrong with your sewer lines and effectively repair them. Find out more or schedule a service appointment by calling 301-370-8320.

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