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Why You Need to Buy a Hybrid Water Heater Now and Get Up To $750 Off With Your Purchase
When it comes to heating your home, one of the best ways to do it is with a hybrid water heater, also known as heat pump water heater. In this blog post, we’ll tell you why they’re so efficient and how much energy you’ll save by switching over from a gas water heater, and even how you can get up to $750 off with your hybrid water heater purchase!

Hybrid Water Heaters Are Very Energy Efficient.

Heat pump water heaters use a heat pump to transfer the energy from the air in your home to the water in your tank. The compressor, which is similar to an engine, moves this energy from one place to another.

A standard model will burn fossil fuels (gas or oil) and move heat from a combustion chamber into your home’s water heater, which then heats up as it burns fuel. Heat pumps are more efficient than standard residential gas or electric water heaters, so you’ll use less energy to warm your hot water. This means that you’ll use less fossil fuel and produce fewer carbon dioxide emissions (and other pollutants).

They Can Be Installed Almost Anywhere

For example, if your heat pump is located in a basement and the water heater is located on the first floor, you can connect them together with a standard pipe and fittings. Heat pumps are also very flexible when it comes to positioning. You can install them almost anywhere because they don’t require any special ventilation or placement requirements.

A Heat Pump Water Heater Will Make You Save Money!

  • A heat pump water heater will likely have a longer lifespan than a standard one. This can be great for your wallet, as you won’t need to replace the unit for years. Since a heat pump water heater is more reliable and durable than traditional models, you’ll save money on repair costs too.
  • Heat pump units are energy efficient. Hybrid water heaters don’t use as much electricity as regular ones do. The lower amount of electricity used means that you’ll pay less on your electricity bill, which will help save you money. And since they run more efficiently, they last longer without breaking down and require less maintenance overall, which means less time spent maintaining and repairing your unit!

Get Up To $750 Off With Your Heat Pump Water Heater Purchase

Now that you know the benefits of a heat pump water heater, we will tell you how to get up to $750 off with your Energy Star-certified hybrid water heater purchase. Energy Star-certified hybrid water heaters offer clear advantages for homeowners.

 All you need to do is check your eligibility by following these steps:

  1. Confirm install location in the Pepco utility area at
  2. Login with the username HPWH Incentive and the password Incentive2022$
  3. Fill out the application form available from your distributor.
  4. Send via email the completed application form to your distributor

After completing the steps mentioned above, your distributor will submit the application for approval and payment. Contact your distributor for your application status.

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